Andrea for District 8

Addressing Athens most pressing issues head-on

About me

I am Andrea Leigh Farnham. I am a mom, a wife, a therapist, a business owner & a long-term renter in the Eastside community of Athens.

As a therapist I see the struggles families go through when under the stress of poverty and discrimination. I look around my community and I see the fruits of 8.5 Billion dollars in wealth that Athens' controls and the pains of a 34% poverty rate that commission after commission refuses to address. I am running for District 8 County Commissioner to address the racial, social, and economic inequalities within Athens and District 8.

I am not afraid to tell anyone and everyone why and how racial inequality needs to be addressed in the city of Athens. But this campaign is not about me. It is about you. You in District 8 and throughout Athens.

About me

District 8



Economic Justice

Athens' poverty rate hovers at 34% while Athens' economy continues to grow. The next Commission must EFFECTIVELY address this issue head-on.

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Racial Justice

Our community is haunted by an unaddressed history of racial discrimination and terrorism that continues through systemic inequalities that must be rooted out.

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Strong communities that take care of their own have strong networks of subsidized infrastructure like libraries, daycare centers, and retirement homes.

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Affordable Housing

As we all know the rent is Too Damn High! But the pay is also too low. We need rent and housing prices that reflect the wages people bring home.

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We need free and fair bus service so that everyone can travel Athens. We also need better bus routes for economic corridors and on-demand buses for seniors and those with special needs.

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Criminal Justice Reform

Our city uses the free and stolen labor of mostly Black men in the state prison in our city. Furthermore our local jail is overrepresented with Black men.

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Worker's Rights

Poverty is high and unemployment is low! Those in poverty in Athens have too many jobs and many of them do not need the “skill development” earlier Commissions have focused on. What workers need in Athens is higher wages and the collective power of unions.

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Voter Rights

Last year's governor race was a sham and should have been contested. I am calling for an audit of our local Board of Elections to end racially discriminatory practices.

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Get Involved

I can't do this without you! There are so many ways to get involved. Just telling someone from District 8 about my campaign to address Athens' issues could change the face of the election. If you have the time and energy to provide worker power to my campaign or the funds to donate please fill out the box below.

Campaign Tenets


Build on last elections progressive win by voting for someone with the conviction to push through progressive policies


The heart of my campaign is to bring forward and ultimately address and end racial, social, and economic inequities in the Athens community


Anyone who knows me knows I am a truth-teller. I am not afraid to say what I think or believe and I am ready to fight for the needs of this community by telling the truth that past commissions have ignored.


The Commission works under secrecy. I will not only be open and honest about my positions and decisions I will call for audits of the jail, board of elections, and school board so they can be transparent as well.


  • Gaines School Road, Athens, GA, USA